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Always Trust Your Instinct

Living in Vermont has it’s many firsts. But hiking for my first time was defiantly a new experience.  My 6 friends and I decided on climbing to the top of Prospect Rock. Until, M**** got into the car and changed the plans. He seemed to know exactly what he was talking about and we would be reaching the top in around an hour. So, we said yes because who wasn’t up for a good adventure? We drove down the narrow dirt road not to be seen by a car for twenty minutes. All I could smell was the abundance of cow manure and the crisp cold air running through my nose making it drip and drip again. I heard a scream “TURN RIGHT” the car turned so fast I thought we were going to flip over. After five more minutes I finally felt a bump underneath the car as if it was hitting pavement. I look out the window to be amazed we were finally there. The car aggressively thrown in park we all jumped out of the car. I heard beeping of the car go off and we began to walk with M**** leading the way. I noticed he had no shoes on and I politely asked why… he claimed it was because it was healthier for his feet. I didn’t question him and we went on our way. I noticed we were going into the woods instead of on a path, again I yell up to M**** who was a couple hundred feet away from me, “where are we going?” The answer “to the top.” At this moment I didn’t feel happy with this decision but followed anyways. Two hours later I asked again” M**** where are we?”, almost feeling like i’m nagging at this point. He answers “almost there.” I was now really starting to feel uneasy. We continued weed waking for another two hours. I yell, “M**** I don’t know where we are, but I want to go back.” looking at me frustrated he said “fine”. We started to head back and it took another few hours just to find our way back. There was no set of directions, no followed paths, no food and no water left. We reached a four way point which way were we to choose. M**** chose the strait ahead one while the rest were insisting on the one to the right. He seemed confident so we followed him anyways.(Friends went back after to find the path we believed would bring us back would have.) After another hour I saw the bundle of wood IMG_1843from the entrance. I rounded the corner ,saw pavement and E**** blue Volkswagen. I have never run so fast in my entire life just to kiss a car. This was the best part of the whole trip. As she unlocked the car I sat down and began to cry. I thought about all the things that could have gone wrong if we hadn’t found our way back. I told myself there was a reason I was put to go on this trip and it was to learn. To learn to stand up for what you think is right, to stand up to elders when they are wrong, to always trust my instinct, but most importantly NEVER trust a barefoot kid.



IMG_1785Trust. Trust: a person on whom or thing on which one relies. It can mean so many things. A bank has to trust you will pay back your loans, the significant other has to trust your intentions, your teacher has to trust you’ll get your work done and a business founder has to trust you’ll be an amazing CEO. Trust in many different lights may mean many things. I believe trust is being able to lean back on yourself and having confidence in yourself to get whatever it is done. If you don’t trust yourself how do you expect others to trust you. Of course when we are young, we are a bit naive…we just need to live a little longer to know any better. Trust isn’t about expanding trust to everyone you meet and sometimes you know right away you can’t trust someone. My advice is to follow your heart and mind. Open your heart to new experiences, new relationships, new teachers and new business partners. Everything’s a learning experience and all people deserve a chance to prove their trustworthiness. After all there’s nothing more valuable than extending your trust to someone.  



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I’m so excited to start this wicked cool journey of blogging! ( can you tell i’m from Boston yet 😉 ) Yes, i’m a city gal and i’m so ready to share with you my journey of how I got to Vermont. I’ll share what college is like in a small town, relationship advice, how to deal with the dreadful cafeteria food, living on a budget, time management and how you can do everything you want by just finding a balance!

Who’s ready ? Because I am!



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